Custom Design


One of the core capabilities of KUS is its in-depth expertise in the design and production of sensors, gauges and other instrumentation for the marine industry. Whether it's a small pleasure craft or an ocean-going vessel, KUS products offer outstanding performance and precision - while providing exceptional value.

A Solution For Every Challenge

With its longstanding familiarity with the stringent requirements of the marine industry, KUS has developed a comprehensive suite of products to address the needs of boaters, designers and engineers in the marine industry.

Manufactured To The Highest Standards.

Out on the open water, there is no room for error. That's why OEM designers and engineers look to KUS when performance is critical. We use the highest caliber materials and manufacture our products to the most rigorous standards. Because the reputations of our customers are at stake every time they go into production, we understand that quality is of the utmost importance.

Continuous Innovation Moving Forward.

KUS’s new marine product line are the digital liquid level sending unit, digital engine monitoring instrumentation, and analog-to-digital converter box.

The new digital product line are NMEA 2000 certified, which means it allows for an easy, plug-and-play installation.