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Over 30 Years of Engineering and Manufacturing Success!

KUS’ story begins with a fuel level sender. In 1984, our company’s founder had become unsatisfied after encountering a series of unreliable fuel level senders in the market. He then developed the world’s first reed switch liquid level sender for marine applications. The product took off and quickly became a top seller due to its reliability, accuracy, and durability. After the global success of KUS’ initial reed switch level sender, a series of product innovations followed.

KUS began developing more complex, integrated liquid level senders for the medium and heavy-duty commercial vehicle industry. Its core product offerings included engine monitoring instrumentation, Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)/AdBlue level senders, tank assemblies, and thermal management system components.

Now KUS develops and manufactures a range of application solutions for the Marine, Vehicle, and Industrial industries. Fuel level senders still remain an important part of our business.

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KUS. Committed to Excellence.

In the time since its foundation, KUS has gained a reputation for excellence. We are among the world’s leading manufacturers of liquid level senders, Diesel Exhaust Fuel (DEF) level senders, and gauge instrumentation. KUS now offers more than 5,000 different products for sale. 

Our extensive product offerings fall within five main categories: 

  • Exhaust Aftertreatment 
  • Liquid Level Sender 
  • Gauge Instrumentation 
  • NMEA 2000 Certified 
  • Thermal Management 

NMEA 2000 is the latest version of the NMEA communications standard for marine instruments that allows you to easily install and connect compatible devices within your vessel. Marine is where it all began for KUS, and we proudly offer a range of NMEA 2000 certified devices. 

KUS also has the know-how and facilities to develop custom gauges, level senders, sensors, and other industrial engine components to fit the specific needs of your vehicle. Our thorough in-house validation capabilities allow for faster, less expensive testing and ensure quality. 

To meet the rigorous demands of our customers, KUS implements quality management systems according to international standards. We are IATF 16494 and ISO 9001 certified. As a company that operates in manufacturing, we also understand the importance of sustainability. Therefore we maintain ISO 14001 certification to minimize our operation’s impact on the environment.

From Initial Conception to Market.

At KUS, we believe research is the cornerstone of innovation. We have an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited 16,000-square-foot technology center and an in-house research and development division. Our experienced research team can perform tests and validations ranging from initial product R&D to full product life validation. We dedicate more than $20 million USD annually to existing product improvement and new product development. We validate product designs through a series of rigorous tests and strict process controls. What does this mean for you? KUS products are reliable and durable, providing a long-term solution for our customers.

When you purchase and install KUS products, you are investing in quality.

Initial Conception to Market
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Now Growing Into An Even Brighter Future.

With distribution networks in North America, Europe and Asia, KUS has supplied more than 20 million level senders to the market since 2003. This core product offering traces back to the roots of our company and we are proud to continually upgrade and improve upon it.

Today, KUS offers more than 5,000 different products across six major product families, applicable in industries as diverse as commercial on-road vehicle, construction equipment, agricultural equipment, forestry equipment, marine, industrial, and power generation. And every year, we are developing hundreds more products to serve the needs of our customers globally.

If you have any questions about KUS related to our products, quality control standards, or customization options, do not hesitate to reach out via our Contact Us page. We look forward to partnering with you while continuing to provide reliable, accurate, and durable products.

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