Tube and Pipe Bending Services

KUS offers tube bending and pipe bending services for industrial and commercial industries. Our impressive, worldwide customer base recognizes KUS tube bender and pipe bender services.

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What Do Tube Bending Entail?

Tube bending refers to the technique used to form metals and other types of materials into tubing or pipes. KUS is well accustomed to these processes, using various temperature, equipment, and material specifications to produce high-quality products.

Many tube bending techniques involve tube mills or roll forming machines, depending on the application intended for the tubing. At KUS, we provide extensive bending capabilities to meet various needs.

Types of Tube Bending

There are two primary tube bending services: form-bound tube bending and freeform tube bending. Form-bound tube bending services involve conforming the tube or pipe to the shape of a die, while free-form tube bending services bend pipes in a fluid motion without the use of dies.

CNC Technology for Tube and Pipe Bending

KUS is able to accommodate tube bending projects from 1/4″ O.D. to 6″ O.D. In order to produce an array of tube bending options, we are equipped with CNC pipe and tube bending machine technology. This allows us to handle multiple projects simultaneously to meet diverse needs with shorter lead times.

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