The Shift to Liquid Cooling Systems for EVs and Beyond

Contrary to popular belief, not all electric cars use the same battery cooling system. The two most common systems are air and liquid, each with advantages and limitations.

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The Ultimate Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) System Guide

SCR systems are essential in reducing the output of harmful emissions from a variety of sources, including commercial vehicles and industrial equipment.

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new energy electric vehicle charging

Vehicle Control Units: The Brains of Modern Alternative Energy Vehicles

The rise of electric vehicles has created a need for more intelligent vehicle control systems. This has led to the development of vehicle control units (VCUs), a pivotal innovation in the electric vehicle market.

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KUS and Arun Plus Announces Collaboration In Thailand

KUS Technology Corporation and Arun Plus announced a collaboration to explore business opportunities- developing electric vehicle (EV) related products, a strategic move to advance Thailand's electric vehicle market.

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Optimizing EV Performance: Battery Thermal Management System Overview

Battery thermal management systems are at the heart of EV performance and efficiency conversations. These systems play a crucial role in electric vehicle operation, but how do they work?

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PTC Heaters in Alternative Energy Vehicles

One of the standout benefits of using PTC heaters over traditional heating elements is their efficiency. These systems can generate more heat...

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