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As the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of liquid level senders, KUS has extensive experience working with designers and engineers from industry OEMs, and understands the quality they have come to expect. Designed to suit the rigorous demands of the automotive, trucking, marine, industrial, agriculture and power generation industries, KUS products are known for their reliability, accuracy and durability.

Electric Reed Switch

The electric liquid level sending units are widely used in marine, on-road, off-road, generator set, and industrial applications. The electric liquid level sending unit utilizes reed switch and magnetic field technology.

The advantage of reed switch type level sender over thick-film swing arm type level sender is the reed switch’s durability and reliability. Additionally, in reed switch level senders the float is the only moving part of the sender, thereby minimizing potential mechanical failures.

The standard resolution of KUS level senders are 12-21mm; that means you will get a discrete step reading every 12-21mm. KUS also offers more advanced technology, such as AMR, which allows for a higher resolution of steps, as small as 1mm, for special application needs.

For specific applications, KUS can also customize the signal type to be analog such as resistive (ohm), voltage (VDC), current (mA), or digital signals such as J1939 or CanBUS.

Capacitance Level Sensor - CLS


CLS Series level sender is a high-resolution, solid-state level sender that is used to continuously detect fuel level by measuring the capacitance variation as the fuel level changes.

Capacitive technology provides extremely precise and reliable output signals with resolution less than 1mm.


The mechanical gauge provides liquid level measuring and display using only a mechanical design, with high/low level alarms that can be added based on customer requirements. This gauge is widely used for direct refilling on fuel and water tanks for generators and utility vehicles.

Mechanical Sight Level Gauge - MGES