Plastics Molding and Processing

KUS is adept in various plastic molding and processing techniques, as these skills are the heart of our business. KUS is equipped with more than 200 professional and accredited mold designers and manufacturers. For over 30 years, KUS has perfected many molding methods using our world-class equipment, including injection molding, blow molding, and rotational molding. Discover how excellence in manufacturing can benefit you and explore our range of quality molding services.

Injection Molding

KUS has more than 300 injection molding machines throughout the central feeding system to accurately control the temperature and humidity of raw materials to ensure product quality and molding size.

We use injection molding to produce solid parts, such as our KUS fuel level sender heads and other accessories. Using automatic central feeding, we turn the selected raw materials into a semi-finished product. KUS heats plastic to a liquid form and feeds it into an injection molding screw where it is then injected into a cavity through a pressurized system. Through this process a part is formed, then cooled and ejected from the cavity. KUS leverages vibration, ultrasonic, and hotplate equipment within the process to produce the product. We manufacture in a temperature and humidity-controlled environment to help prevent defects from changes in outside conditions.

Blow Molding

KUS has 58 sets of blow molding machines with an annual output of 3.0 million and a tank volume between 5L to 300L.

KUS uses blow molding to produce hollow parts, such as our DEF tanks. This molding technique not only makes manufacturing complex parts possible but offers the advantage of quick production time as well. We use either HDPE plastic or LLDPE plastic, depending on the application, molding it into various shapes and blowing it with compressed air into the tube billet to fill the mold cavity. The blow-molded part is cooled and then ejected from the cavity. Rapid blow mold design and manufacturing are made possible through our automatic mixer feeding system, as well as our professional tank design team.

rows of blue and white blow molding machines

Rotational Molding

KUS has 7 sets of rotational molding machines with an annual output of 250,000 and box volume between 5 to 500L.

Rotational molding is a manufacturing process that is also known as Roto molding. This plastic molding technique produces a range of various products with hollowed centers. Raw materials are poured into a mold cavity and are rotated and heated to form the desired shape. The rotationally molded part is cooled and then ejected from the cavity. Rotational molding can accommodate varying wall thicknesses for several different applications, in our case, DEF tank manufacturing. Roto-molding offers the ability to create larger tank volumes as well as more complex tank geometries.

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