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Reliability and precision are critical in regard to the operational performance of the components you install in your vehicles. Whether on the open road, at the job site, or in the field, we also recognize that all of those parts must be environmentally efficient.

KUS has over 30 years of experience working with industry OEMs from around the world. This has led to the development of a broad array of trusted products for a variety of vehicles. That includes multipurpose level senders and components for exhaust aftertreatment systems.

Some of the vehicles we specialize in manufacturing components for include:

  • Commercial on-road trucks.
  • Construction equipment.
  • Agricultural machinery.
  • Recreational and light-duty vehicles.

One of the reasons KUS is the go-to choice for engineers and designers in OEM operations across the globe is our commitment to maintaining the highest quality control standards possible. KUS has a reputation for providing reliable products, helpful technical support, and attentive service to our customers all over the world.

Thermal Management System

As the industry shifts toward electric vehicles, KUS offers innovative, high-quality solutions for renewable and clean energy applications, ensuring excellence in product development. We provide Thermal Management System (TMS) components like efficient heat exchangers, precision coolant pumps, thermal sensors, and more.

VCU (Vehicle Control Unit)
Liquid Cold Plate
Positive Temperature Coefficient
Battery Coolant Lines

Exhaust Aftertreatment

Global emission regulations on diesel engine vehicles are becoming increasingly stringent. In the U.S., all heavy and medium duty diesel truck engines produced after January 1, 2010 must meet the latest EPA emission standards. Vehicle manufacturers accomplish this through the use of an aftertreatment system. A selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system is an aftertreatment option that uses diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), or AdBlue, to reduce harmful emissions.

KUS works with global exhaust aftertreatment system integrators — and vehicle and engine OEMs — to design and manufacture components for the SCR system.

Our DEF products focus on NOx conversion and we build them in accordance with ISO 22241 standards. They include DEF tanks—standard off-the-shelf (5, 10, 15 gallon) and custom sizes—DEF level sensors, DEF nozzles, DEF tank caps, and other accessories. KUS manufactures and assembles the whole DEF tank assembly in-house. Our components are widely used in SCR systems for on-road and off-road vehicles worldwide.

DEF Level Sender with Quality Sensor
80L AdBlue Tank (21 Gallons)

Fuel Level Detection

KUS is the world’s leading supplier of multipurpose liquid level sensors. Our high-quality and high-functioning fuel level sending units are hard at work in commercial vehicles, including light, medium, and heavy duty trucks. They are also found in recreational vehicles and used in many other applications in on-road and off-road vehicles all over the world.

From single tube senders to multifunction senders with integrated pickup, return, and ventilation, KUS offers a complete lineup of fuel level senders that feature different functionalities and mounting methods to match every customer’s needs.

In addition to our standard off-the-shelf products, KUS can also work closely with customers to design customized products for their particular application. We work with OEMs from around the world to test and validate each level sender design according to their specifications.

Fuel Level Sender - SAP
Liquid Level Sensor – SSS/SSL