Rubber Mixing, Molding and Processing

With over thirty years of experience in research, design, and manufacturing, KUS offers expert service in all areas of rubber processing, molding, and mixing. Explore everything KUS has to offer regarding rubber molded products!

Mixing Rubber Components

Our custom rubber mixing facility is equipped to formulate custom rubber compounds according to customer specifications. With a considerable amount of raw materials at our disposal, we are able to offer our customers competitive prices. For high-quality, cost-effective rubber molded products, look no further than KUS.

Molded Rubber Components

Rubber molding is the process in which an amount of uncured rubber or elastomer is transformed into a usable product. Rubber products are made from elastomers or uncured rubber and there are a number of different rubber molding processes. At KUS, our rubber molding capabilities are used to produce components relating to DEF tanks and their corresponding quality sensors.

One-Stop-Shop for Rubber Processing

Over 95% of KUS products are manufactured in-house. Making parts that are unique and specific to customer needs, our tooling and research development process involves make, tooling, and manufacturing, while our competitors often outsource these critical steps of production. Our rubber processing capabilities are just one example of the many areas that KUS can serve our customers.

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