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At KUS, we understand that precision and reliability are paramount in the components that drive your vehicles and systems. With over three decades of dedicated service and collaboration with industry OEMs worldwide, we bring unmatched expertise in developing environmentally efficient and operationally superior solutions.

Our journey has led us to create a range of thermal management components, each designed to excel on the open road, at the job site, or in the field.

Specializing in a diverse array of sectors – from commercial on-road trucks to agricultural machinery and beyond – KUS is recognized globally for maintaining the highest quality control standards. Our commitment to excellence has awarded us a reputation for delivering reliable, high-quality solutions, making us a trusted partner in OEM operations across the globe.

Customized Solutions for Diverse Sectors

Automotive Sector

Thermal management components for electric vehicles (EVs), hybrids, and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (FCVs). Enhancing efficiency and safety in diverse automotive applications.

Off-Road and Commercial Vehicles

Providing robust temperature control solutions for off-road equipment and commercial vehicles. Our components are designed to enhance durability and reduce maintenance in demanding environments.

High-Tech Systems

Delivering essential components to prevent overheating in data centers and high-tech systems. Our products ensure reliability and longevity, which are crucial in the rapidly evolving digital world.

Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) Heating Unit


PTC Coolant Heater

Efficient Component Heating. Rapidly warms critical components.

Self-Regulating Safety Technology. Electrical resistance increases with temperature, preventing overheating.

Optimal for EVs and FCVs. Designed specifically for electric and fuel cell vehicles.

Enhanced Battery Performance. Maintains battery efficiency in cold conditions.

Compact and Durable Design. Built for longevity in various automotive environments.

Energy-Efficient Operation. Reduces overall energy consumption while providing effective heating.


PTC Air Heater

Advanced Ceramic Heating. Rapid and efficient warming of vehicle interiors.

Seamless HVAC Integration. Easily integrates with existing vehicle air conditioning systems.

Flexible Temperature Control. Variable models for precise heating adjustments.

Lightweight and Durable. Combines durability with minimal weight for optimal efficiency.

Quick and Responsive Heating. Ensures a comfortable interior environment.

CAN Communication Enabled. Facilitates efficient and reliable system integration and control.

Enhancing Vehicle Performance

Explore the forefront of thermal management with KUS PTC heaters, purpose-built for electric vehicles (EVs) and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles (FCVs). Our PTC units offer unrivaled efficiency and dependability.

These units feature a meticulously engineered structure encompassing radiators, coolant channels, a central control board, and an upper shell, ensuring consistent temperature control in various thermal management systems (TMS) scenarios.

View KUS Positive Temperature Coefficient Units
VCU (Vehicle Control Unit)

The Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) is the central hub of electric and hybrid vehicle thermal management systems (TMS). The VCU is pivotal in ensuring efficient, safe, and smooth vehicle operations in an increasingly complex automotive landscape, including integrating autonomous driving features. 

It’s the brain behind the scenes, coordinating various components and subsystems like the Engine Control Unit (ECU) in traditional vehicles. 

Vehicle Control Unit (VCU)

Key Features and Advantages:

Comprehensive System Control. Manages and monitors various electronic systems within electric vehicles, enhancing overall vehicle efficiency and safety.

Custom-Designed Functionality. Each VCU is tailored to the vehicle’s architecture, ensuring the synchronization between the powertrain and auxiliary systems.

Diagnostics and Over-the-Air Updates. Offers advanced diagnostic capabilities and supports over-the-air updates, keeping vehicles at the forefront of technology.

Streamlined Operational Complexity. Reduces hardware complexity in electric vehicles, resulting in more straightforward designs and fewer potential points of failure.

View KUS Vehicle Control Units

Liquid Cold Plate

Key Features and Advantages:

Efficient Heat Transfer. Crafted from high-conductivity materials like aluminum or copper for optimal heat dissipation.

Compact and Lightweight. Perfectly fits into tight spaces, suitable for various vehicle designs.

Safety and Longevity. Prevents overheating, improving battery life and component reliability.

Active Heat Management. Uses coolant for effective heat absorption and transfer, suitable for diverse thermal challenges.

Diverse Industrial Applications. Beyond vehicles, cold plates are essential in power batteries, lithium battery storage, and liquid-cooled server systems for efficient thermal control.

View KUS Liquid Cold Plate Units

Liquid cold plates, also called liquid cooling plates, are vital in electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles’ thermal management systems (TMS). They actively manage heat for high-performance components like batteries and fuel cells.

The transferred heat is then carried away by the coolant, circulating through the system and dissipating it, often via a heat exchanger.

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