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KUS products are widely used in the Industrial Equipment market. From cranes to generators, you can find our fuel level sensors, DEF sensors, DEF accessories, and gauges on a variety of different equipment.

We realize that some of our customers have unique requirements so KUS offers standard and customized products to meet their specific demands.

With over 30 years of experience, we understand that our products must be designed and validated to operate in the tough conditions that industrial equipment often experience in the field. All KUS products are tested at our in-house, state-of-the-art Technical Center, where they go through environmental chambers that simulates the hottest and coldest of climates, and shock benches that simulate the roughest of terrain conditions.

35L AdBlue Tank (9.3 Gallons, L-Shape)

DEF Level Sensors and Tank Assemblies

KUS is in the unique position of being the only manufacturer of both the DEF Tank and DEF Level Senders currently on the market. This means we are able to engineer, design and validate DEF Tanks and Level Senders concurrently.

The working environments for industrial applications such as construction, agricultural, forestry, and power generation, are usually harsher and more demanding compared to on-road vehicle conditions. Equipment can be exposed to prolonged heat and cold, or off-road conditions with rough terrains and extreme vibrations.

KUS’s DEF Level Sensors and DEF Tank Assemblies are designed and validated to ensure they can withstand the rough conditions and function properly to ensure the operation of the SCR system.

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Fuel Level Sensors

Fuel Level Sensors used in industrial applications such as agriculture machinery, construction machinery, or power generators needs to be able to withstand the harsh outdoor conditions and wide working temperature ranges.

KUS fuel level sensors are designed and validated to withstand the vibrations of the machinery and road conditions while providing reliable and accurate fuel level signals.

We also work with customers to design level sensors to their specific application by simulating the working conditions and vibration profiles of the machinery at our in-house validation lab.

For specific applications, KUS can also customize the signal type to be analog such as resistive (ohm), voltage (VDC), current (mA), or digital signals such as J1939 or CanBUS.

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Fuel Level Sending Unit - TN


Gauge and instrumentation for the industrial application need to be robust and reliable.

KUS has over 30 years of experience designing and manufacturing quality gauge instrumentation. Our gauge and instrumentation can be found in the most demanding working conditions, from off-road equipment to power generators.

We provide simple analog gauge, cluster gauge panels, or integrated instrumentation panels accepting analog, or digital (J1939) input signals.

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