KUS Design & Engineering

KUS provides plastic design and manufacturing dedicated to plastic thermoforming, pressure forming, vacuum forming, finite element analysis, and much more.

Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

Through the use of computer-aided engineering, KUS can provide finite element analysis (FEA) to predict how products react with real-world forces. This analysis is crucial to the manufacturing process, as this step catches material risks that would otherwise jeopardize the entire order further into the production process.

Mechanical Engineering

KUS has a professional R&D team consisting of CAE analysis engineers with an extensive background in product development. Our CAE analysis R&D team focuses on structural and fluid analysis with more than 20 individual tests, including fatigue analysis, dynamic analysis, and thermal stress analysis. During the early stages of R&D, KUS products undergo a preliminary CAE analysis and simulation for product structure, performance, and use characteristics. After the initial analysis, more unit-specific tests are run to ensure products can meet the rigorous demands of diverse customer applications.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

KUS uses computational fluid dynamics so that we can better understand product flow within our designs. Through numerical analysis and data structures, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) effectively calculates fluid flow measurements and information. Through the use of computer software, we are able to simulate fluid flow before a product design is even prototyped, saving both time and money.

Electrical Engineering

KUS offers cutting-edge electrical engineering development and design in addition to our mechanical engineering capabilities, allowing us full control over the electrical components used in our equipment. By designing these electrical components in-house, we are able to accurately control quality and provide a complete mechanical and electrical system.

Software Engineering

While KUS uses top-quality software for mechanical validation, our software engineering department is specifically geared towards designing software and acutely focuses on specialized projects.