KUS has more than three decades of experience in plastics molding and processing in addition to the many other manufacturing services we offer. We sell both standard and custom products for marine, vehicle, and industrial applications and we are able to manufacture more than 95% of our products in-house. The result is a higher quality product with a faster turnaround time to meet the needs of your project. Here’s an overview of the rotomolding and blow molding processes we use at KUS as well as some of the various products we produce that use these processes.

Rotomolding vs. Blow Molding

Rotomolding and blow molding can both efficiently produce a plastic product. Each has its own pros and cons, and the desired characteristics of the finished product are the primary factor in determining the best manufacturing process to use.

What is Rotomolding?

Rotational molding, often shortened to rotomolding, is a manufacturing technique designed to create products with hollowed-out interiors. First, the manufacturer pours raw materials into a product mold. Next, we heat these materials in the molding machine while it rotates to create a product in the desired shape. Once adequate mold coverage has been achieved, the materials can be cooled and ejected from the mold.

Rotomolding Benefits

Rotomolding has lower setup and production costs. Additionally, the finished products feature consistent thickness throughout due to the way gravitational forces distribute plastics within the mold. This manufacturing process results in a seamless product, which eliminates weak points. Finally, rotomolded products can be reinforced in various ways depending on customer needs.

Key Benefits of Rotomolding: 

  • Tighter tolerances
  • The ability to create complex geometries
  • Less expensive tooling costs


Rotomolding at KUS

The KUS manufacturing facility features seven sets of rotational molding machines. These machines offer an annual output of 1.75 million units with a box volume between five to 500 liters.

KUS has 58 sets of blow molding machines with an annual output of 3.0 million and a tank volume between 5L to 300L.

What is Blow Molding?

Blow molding is a manufacturing technique that also creates products with hollow interiors. However, unlike rotomolding, blow molding uses compressed air rather than gravitational forces. To create a product using the blow molding process, the manufacturer pours raw materials into a mold cavity. From there, compressed air disperses the materials evenly across the mold. Once the materials have adequately coated the mold, the finished product is cooled and ejected.

Blow Molding Benefits

The blow molding process is typically faster than the rotomolding process. This makes blow molding a good option for simple products and products created in large quantities. One machine can make as many as 60,000 tanks in one year.

Key Benefits of Blow Molding:

  • Cycle time is quick, allowing for increased units
  •  Unit cost is lower than roto molding
  • Only one tool is needed to support higher volumes

Blow Molding at KUS

The KUS manufacturing facility features 58 sets of blow molding machines. These machines produce more than three million units per year with tank volumes between five and 300 liters.

Molded Plastic Products by KUS

The KUS team includes more than 200 professional and accredited mold designers and manufacturers with experience in rotomolding and blow molding. As a result, we’re able to produce a wide variety of premium products using the best methods for nearly any situation.

KUS Products Created by Rotomolding

Rotomolding is ideal when creating products with varying wall thicknesses. At KUS, this means we use rotational molding for the manufacturing of DEF tanks. The rotomolding process allows for larger tank volumes and more unique tank shapes.

KUS Products Created by Blow Molding

The blow molding process can create finished pieces in as little as five to 20 minutes. At KUS, we use blow molding for the manufacturing of DEF tanks in addition to other small, hollow parts.

Custom Products Available from KUS

Unlike many other manufacturers, the KUS team produces nearly all of our products in-house. In addition to ensuring better quality control, this means we can also offer customized product designs using either the rotomolding or the blow molding process. If you’re looking for a custom plastic molded product, contact us to learn more about our capabilities. Our team of experts will work with you to determine the best solution for your project.