KUS Voltmeter & Fuel Gauge Alongside Tachometer & Garmin GPS
KUS Voltmeter & Fuel Gauge Alongside Tachometer & Garmin GPS

Marine gauges are integral components for any ship or boating vessel. This equipment is the key to monitoring data, such as speed, oil pressure, battery conditions, and much more. By transmitting this information onto an easy to read screen or dial, these gauges allow for the easy operation of waterborne vessels.

An Overview of Marine Gauges

When it comes to ordering marine gauges, there are numerous factors to consider. Whether you are deciding between a digital or analog form and interface of marine gauge, or unsure if you ought to customize your order, our goal is to provide you with everything you need to know to make an educated decision. Once you have a better idea of what you are looking for in a marine gauge, we invite you to explore our full range of gauge instrumentation on our website!

Similarities & Differences: Digital Marine Gauges & Analog Marine Gauges

As newer boats and various other waterborne vessels are introduced to the marine industry, innovative digital technologies are increasingly being used for more modern designs. When custom rigging one of these boats, many opt for a similarly digitized marine gauge. Not only do these digital marine gauges match the modern designs of newer vessels, this equipment also offers significant advantages for those in the marine industry.

Digital marine gauges are often equipped with back-lighting, which makes nighttime operation more accessible. Even during daytime operation, LED lighting makes marine gauges easier to read, as it helps to combat glare from the sun and inadequate viewing angles. If you aren’t sold on digital marine gauges and prefer a more traditional look, KUS offers this same backlighting technology for our analog gauges, providing a convenient balance between tradition and innovation.

The primary benefit associated with digital marine gauges is that they are typically capable of displaying more thorough real time network information, including data such as engine output, fluid levels, and speed all in one gauge or interface. These marine gauges simplify boat operation by connecting to digital or CanBUS signals that are used to ensure proper system operations are in order.

Digital marine gauges are also more precise than traditional analog gauges. Digital marine gauges typically leverage a transducer that converts variations to be measured into an electrical signal. The electrical signal that is produced is then converted into a numeric value by usage of a microprocessor, which then displays that reading on the faceplate of the gauge.

Digital marine gauges either have much less or no moving parts, this reduces the probability of mechanical failure in comparison to a traditional analog gauge which will have at least a moving needle attached to the faceplate if not additional moving parts behind the faceplate that may fail given harsh operating conditions.

Due to their higher price point, digital marine gauges such as aluminum or stainless steel bezels with thick, crack resistant plastic faces. Not only do these premium materials help aid in reducing the normal wear and tear of the digital marine gauge throughout its lifecycle, but they also help protect the internal parts from vigorous mechanical vibration that further accelerate the failure rate in analog gauges.

The Importance of Excellent Gauge Performance In Harsh Environments

Marine Gauges: Everything You Need to Know

As vessels that are constantly exposed to the elements, it is crucial that your watercraft employs equipment that is able to perform even in the harshest of environments. KUS has this area of marine gauge well covered, as we prioritize manufacturing reliable equipment. Majority of marine gauge manufacturers include IP67 protection ratings for their gauges to protect against harmful dust and immersion of water up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. Regardless of choosing analog or digital, having a IP67 protection rating helps ensure the components that reside inside of the gauge aren’t damaged, especially from water intrusion in the case of using them for marine boating purposes. Our gauges come with features such as IP67 rated, anti-fogging gauge bodies, and scratch resistant lens covers. KUS produces gauges that are waterproof and built to withstand the open water conditions.

Custom Marine Gauges

Another option to consider when ordering a gauge for your marine vessel is a custom manufactured product that is tailored to your specific needs. At KUS, we produce an assortment of plug-in-play marine gauges that have no need to be re-worked before being implemented in our customers’ vessels. However, unique projects call for unique products, which is why we offer extensive custom marine gauge options.

Finding the Best Marine Gauges & Gauge Sets for Your Needs

There are a wide variety of gauges available for use within marine vessels, including:

On their own, these marine gauges are quite useful; however, since it is common for ships and boating vessels to use several different types of marine gauges, there is a risk of cluttering the dashboard of a ship with these various components. As a solution, KUS offers gauge panels, which incorporate different gauge capabilities into one place.

For more information regarding how KUS meets our customers’ needs for marine gauges and other precision manufactured components, visit our marine applications page, or contact a KUS representative today!

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