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Understanding IP Ratings for Marine and Industrial Gauges

When you’re in the market for gauges for any application, you will need to compare technical specifications. One key piece of information for instrumentation — whether for marine, industrial, construction, vehicle, or machinery — is the IP rating or IP code. By understanding IP ratings, you can make the best decisions when specifying gauges. If you sell to the public, this information can also help you to explain to your customers what they’re getting when they purchase gauges.

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Validation Cheat Sheet

A critical element of designing and manufacturing new vehicle or engine components is to confirm that they work as intended. The industry has developed myriad different types of tests to validate critical performance features. When your supplier decides on which tests to perform on a component, it’s necessary for them to consider any and all conditions under which a part will operate. Avoid cutting corners or overlooking any kind of test that will help ensure the safe operation of a component.

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Level Sensing Technology

Types of Level Sensing Technologies Used by OEM in the USA

Level senders are found on virtually any gas-powered vehicle or machinery. The importance of this crucial component is often taken for granted. However, the type that you specify when manufacturing a vehicle affects the final product and the user’s experience with it. There are many different types of level sensing technologies available on the market.

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KUS Announces Mexico Regional Office (Header Image)

KUS Announces Mexico Regional Office

Davie, Fla. — Over the past 30 years, KUS Auto Global manufactured products and components to supply the Americas region. As time had progressed, international trading laws have changed making exporting to the United States more challenging and costly to customers. In order to regain the competitive edge, KUS has decided to open up a regional office based out of Escobedo, Mexico. The KUS Mexico regional office will be responsible for research and development, production, sales and after-sales service, and product solutions for DEF tank assemblies.

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5 Things to Consider When Looking for a Fuel Level Sender

Fuel level senders are some of the most important pieces of equipment in an application. It allows you to monitor how much fuel is in your tank at a given time and most importantly, when you need to refuel. Some senders have more advanced features like triggering an alarm when its nearing empty or having pick-up and return lines. So, how do you know which one is right for your tank? Well, whether you are installing a new fuel tank in your boat or refurbishing an antique car, there are five things you must consider when looking for a new fuel level sender.

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How to Install a Level Sending Unit

Chances are you just received your new level sending unit and you're looking to install it in your tank but don’t know where to begin. This guide will help make the situation much easier walking you through the ten steps of installing your level sending unit as well as possible issues you may have along the way.

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