When you’re out on the water, it’s important to keep track of certain measurements for legal, safety, and maintenance purposes. For instance, a speedometer ensures that you aren’t breaking any sort of speed limit laws while a tachometer can help you identify potential  engine issues.

There is a lot of different gauge instrumentation available for marine vessels. However, install too many gauges and your dashboard quickly gets cluttered. A marine multi-function gauge aims to organize all the valuable information you want about your vessel in one centralized location.

1. Gain More Knowledge About Your Vessel

A marine multi-function gauge gives you a variety of information. This may include built-in speedometer, tachometer, fuel level, water temperature and oil pressure readings.

You’ll want to verify what type of information a marine multi-function gauge displays before making a purchase, but here’s a quick rundown of some of the most common measurements. 

  • Speedometer: Measures the traveling speed of the vessel.
  • Tachometer: Measures the working speed of the engine.
  • Fuel Level: Measures the amount of fuel in the fuel tank.
  • Water Temperature: Measures the engine coolant water temperature.
  • Oil Pressure: Monitors the oil pressure in your vessel.

Many KUS customers purchase a marine multi-function gauge and pair it with any other relevant gauge instrumentation they need for their boat such as voltmeters or holding tank gauges.

2. Reduce Clutter on Your Marine Dashboard

This one is self-explanatory, but the more gauge instrumentation you choose to include on the dashboard of your boat the more cluttered it will be. It also may be overwhelming to keep track of information across all of your gauges. This makes navigating a scenario where your vehicle is experiencing a problem especially difficult, especially in an emergency situation..

A marine multi-function gauge helps you declutter your dashboard so that you can spend less time reviewing measurements and more time enjoying your experience out on the water.

3. Manage Your Data All in One Piece

A marine multi-function gauge allows you to view and manage critical data about your marine vessel all in one location. Some modern multi-function gauges may offer data management via your own mobile device, such as a tablet or smartphone, in addition to the display on the unit itself.

When you have access to all of your data in one place, you can determine how well your marine vessel is performing at any given time while out on the water and back on land. If you encounter a maintenance issue, then you can use data to help pinpoint the problem.

There are many perks to having all of your marine vessel information in one place.

4. Save Time on Installation and Troubleshooting

The more gauges you install in the dashboard the longer the installation process will take and the harder it is to troubleshoot any potential issues that may occur. It’s typically faster to install a single marine multi-function gauge than it is to install multi-plate gauges. Additionally, it’s often easier to troubleshoot issues with a marine multi-function gauge than it is for single-function gauges.

Depending on whether you are the one doing the installation, you may be able to save money on installation by choosing a multi-function gauge versus having someone set up an entire dashboard.

Invest in a High-Quality Multi-Function Marine Gauge

KUS multi-function marine gauges are compatible with most J1939 and NMEA 2000 systems, which means it’s easy to integrate our multi-function gauges or panels into your existing setup. Our full lineup of multi-function gauges are also built with accuracy and durability in mind.

Contact us or visit our online store to learn more about our multi-function gauges.