Cold Plate

During electric vehicle operation, temperature plays a key role in the battery’s range, lifetime, and performance. In order to keep the battery in an optimal temperature range, it is necessary to have a cold plate for thermal management. Cold plates improve the life and working efficiency of the battery and electronic devices.



  • Uniform temperature design to improve the battery life
  • Provides liquid cooling for direct system solutions
  • Low flow resistance design reduces the energy consumption of the liquid cooling system
  • Uniform temperatures and current ensures the temperature stability of battery-powered modules under various conditions
  • A large footprint reduces the number of additional connection ports needed and lowers the risk of leakage in the system
  • High-strength and corrosion-resistant materials improve product life and reduce the wall thickness and weight of products


Material Characteristics

  • 4045/3003, 4045/3003 MOD composite plate stamping forming
  • Common material thickness 0.8, 1.0, 1.2mm, alloy/state: 003-0 state,3003 MOD-O state
  • Tensile strength: 95~135MPa (3003), ⩾145MPa (3003)
  • Material elongation: ⩾25% (3003), ⩾20% (3003 MOD)


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