DEF Level Sender with Quality Sensor

The DEF Level Sending unit is used in Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system to reduce emissions pollutants such as NOx (generic term for NO, nitric oxide, and NO2, nitrogen dioxide) from the engine exhaust gas. The DEF Sending Unit integrates liquid level and temperature measurement functions, as well as a heating function utilizing the engine’s coolant. Quality Sensors are integrated into the DEF Level Sending Unit to ensure the DEF concentration are at the correct level for SCR system’s operational efficiency.


DEF Level Sender with Quality Sensor

Key Features

  • Used in Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) applications, an exhaust aftertreatment solution.
  • Reed switch, Continuous and steady output signal
  • Product Features Include:
    • DEF Level detection
    • Modular design allowing integration of quality sensor
    • DEF concentration detection
    • DEF suction and return
    • Engine coolants recirculation for heating DEF
    • Temperature measurement
    • Impurity filtration
  • J1939 (CAN-bus) is used to have better contact with the main control system
  • Built in high-performance software, can output real-time and stable Urea concentration
  • Built in OBD, can provide real-time monitoring for the operation of Urea sensor
  • Bayonet twist lock for easy assembly
  • Selectable length subject to users’ application
  • Options of different electronic connectors and fitting type
  • Comply with EURO IV, V, VI, Bharat Stage, EPA 2010, China IV, V

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