Electric Coolant Pump

The KUS electric coolant pump offers versatile utility in new energy vehicles (NEV) and internal combustion engines.

The electric coolant pump is critical to the automotive thermal management system. It comprises a pump assembly, a brushless motor, and a controller. The controller actively propels the brushless motor, which drives the impeller into rotation. Coolant enters through the designated inlet, and aided by centrifugal force, the liquid pressure escalates, promoting the internal circulation of coolant throughout the system’s pipelines. This process significantly enhances the cooling efficiency. A boost in performance and weight reduction translates into improved fuel economy for internal combustion engines and effective cooling in new energy vehicles.


Electric Coolant Pump Advantages:

Long-Lasting Bearings:

The electric coolant pump has durable graphite bearings, ensuring an impressive 30,000-hour operational lifespan.

Lightweight Design:

The motor’s air gap design efficiently reduces weight and part costs while contributing to overall operational efficiency through seal material and design enhancements, including the significant improvement achieved by optimizing the pump’s volute and impeller design.

Controller Advancements:

KUS PCBA controller design sets new benchmarks in the industry, resolving common issues found in other coolant pump controllers.

Safety Features:

Each pump incorporates a comprehensive array of protection and diagnostic functions, encompassing monitoring for idling, overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, stalling, overtemperature, and power reverse connection.

Rust Resistance:

The aluminum alloy back cover of the pump has successfully endured a rigorous 720-hour salt spray test, affirming its long-term corrosion resistance.

Noise Reduction:

Innovative pump support design effectively reduces noise and vibrations (NVH) by optimizing natural frequencies.


Electric Coolant Pump Flow Head (Q-P) Performance


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