Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) Heating Unit

KUS Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) water heating units are used in pure battery electric, hybrid electric, and fuel cell vehicles. PTC heaters utilize electricity to supply efficient heat control for various vehicle systems, including in-vehicle air conditioning and battery thermal management.


Models and Specifications:

PTC heaters help provide heat sources for in-vehicle air conditioning systems and battery thermal management. This new technology allows the PTC heater to offer an automated heating system. PTC heaters generate more heat than traditional heating elements meaning less electricity is needed to create the same amount of heat. This allows electric vehicles to improve cruising ranges, safety, lower cost, and offer a more compact format.

The overall structure of PTC heaters comprises radiators (including PTC heating packs), coolant flow channels, a central control board high/low-pressure connector, and an upper shell.

This ensures stable power, high heating efficiency, and constant temperature control for various applications and designs.

Model NPA10 NPL20 NPH30/NPH30A NPK40 NPH50
Specification 80V-3kW 350V-5kW 600V-7kW 800V-10kW 600V-15kW
Power 3kW±10% 5kW±10% 7kW±10% 10kW±10% 15kW±10%
Rated conditions Coolant=0°C, 10L/min Coolant=60°C, 10L/min Coolant=0°C, 10L/min Coolant=60°C, 12L/min Coolant=0°C, 25L/min
Application scenarios Forklift Fuel System Passenger car\
Gas power system
Commercial Vehicle\
Gas Power System
New energy air
condition system
Commercial vehicle\
Gas Power System
Ambient temperature -40°C-85°C -40°C-85°C -40°C-85°C -40°C-85°C -40°C-85°C
Storage temperature  -40°C-105°C  -40°C-105°C  -40°C-105°C  -40°C-105°C  -40°C-105°C
Cooling water temperature  -40°C-90°C  -40°C-90°C  -40°C-90°C  -40°C-90°C  -40°C-90°C
Low voltage 9V-36V, Un=12/24V 9V-36V, Un=12/24V 9V-36V, Un=12/24V 9V-36V, Un=12/24V 9V-36V, Un=12/24V
Low voltage current <150mA <150mA <150mA <150mA <150mA
High voltage 70V-110V, Un=80V 250V-450V, Un=350V 450V-750V, Un=600V 750V-875V, Un=800V 400V-750V, un=600V
High voltage current <80A <30A aaaaaa <40A <60A
Insulation resistance >100MΩ >100MΩ >100MΩ >200MΩ >200MΩ




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