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New Energy Solutions are a necessity in the modern world. As an industry innovator, KUS remains on the cutting edge to provide renewable and clean energy solutions for electric vehicle applications. As many industries increase electric vehicle offerings, KUS is uniquely positioned to provide premium EV components for use in product development. We offer a variety of new energy products designed to meet your needs with the same premium standards found in the rest of KUS’ product lines.

Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) Heating Unit

Positive temperature coefficient heating units (coolant/water or air) are used in pure electric, hybrid, and fuel cell vehicles. PTC heaters utilize electricity to supply efficient heat control for various vehicle systems, including in-vehicle air conditioning, battery thermal management, and hydrogen fuel cell cold starts.

KUS offers a selection of PTC heaters designed to fit a wide range of new energy applications, including low and high voltage, low and high power units, with several options in between.

Positive Temperature Coefficient
VCU (Vehicle Control Unit)

Vehicle Control Unit (VCU)

Vehicle control units are the assembly controllers of alternative energy vehicles’ power systems. These units coordinate the engine, transmission, drive motor, battery, and other components for safe and efficient operation.

KUS works with OEMs, system integrators, and vehicle manufacturers to offer the best product for your application.

Cold Plate

During electric vehicle operation, temperature plays a key role in the battery’s range, lifetime, and performance. In order to keep the battery in an optimal temperature range, it is necessary to have a cold plate for thermal management. Cold plates improve the life and working efficiency of the battery and electronic devices.

Liquid Cold Plate

Engine & Battery Pack Coolant Lines

Engine battery coolant lines are used in the thermal management system of fuel or electric vehicles. Coolant flow through the pipeline adjusts the engine temperature so that the battery pack can be kept in an optimal operating environment. In addition, the lines heat up quickly, dissipate residual heat, and provide ventilation for the cooling system.