When it comes to getting the most out of your vehicles, boats, and equipment, standard out-of-the-box components may work. However, there are times where they may not include features required for your application so you may need a custom solution. Custom fuel gauges, liquid level senders, DEF sending units, DEF tanks, or mechanical sight level gauges can all enhance product performance. They also give you a competitive advantage in the industry.

In this blog post, we’ll examine why customization matters, provide examples of some key components you can customize, and explore the types of customization that fits your needs.

Why Customization Matters

There are several reasons why you should consider customization. A custom component allows you to get the most out of your vehicles, boats, and equipment. This is because a custom component is built to serve a specific purpose. In turn, this allows you to create a more efficient end product. Product efficiency can enhance performance and improve your reputation with clients and customers.

Customization also helps you to meet the requirements set by local and federal regulations. Remaining compliant can be challenging. That’s even more true when you’re shopping around for various pieces of equipment that have to work together. With a custom component, you take the guesswork out of the equation and get precisely what you need while obeying regulations.

What Components Can I Customize?

There are several types of components you can customize, each with different options to choose from. Let’s explore some of the components you can customize.

Fuel Gauges

Fuel gauges can have their appearance, size, and accuracy in measuring fuel consumption and engine performance customized to your specifications.

Liquid Level Senders

You can customize liquid level senders that measure water, fuel, oil, or other liquids to produce a more accurate reading. Customization also ensures that the sender can withstand the environmental hazards it’s in contact with.

DEF Sending Units

By nature, DEF sending units are always custom made. They can improve diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) level and temperature readings, alongside quality measurement functions. This increases DEF sending unit accuracy, while also relaying more information than a misaligned component. Additionally, you can add custom heating functionality by utilizing the engine’s coolant.

DEF Tanks

Custom DEF tanks match the size and form of your dimensions and are stress-tested to your parameters. This gives your engineering team greater flexibility when designing products.

Mechanical Sight Level Gauges

Mechanical sight level gauges monitor tank liquid levels during direct filling. Custom options increase the accuracy of the information relayed from the gauge.

Types of Customization Available

Fuel gauges, liquid level senders, DEF sending units, DEF tanks, and mechanical sight level gauges have different types of customization available. Below we’ll list potential customization routes you can take for each of these components and briefly outline the benefits of doing so

Fit Customization

This customization ensures that the component is compatible with your engine and will fit regardless of what design your team implements for the final product.

Form Customization

Sometimes a specialty shape or joint is necessary to make a component fit within a housing or around other components. This gives your engineering team increased flexibility.

Function Customization

Custom accessories such as vent valves, return lines, and roll-over valves provide added functionality for a component to work with a specific application.

Signal Customization

You can specify signal inputs or outputs for the component to interact with an analog or digital system, improving the end experience for the consumer.

Aesthetic Customization

Reflect your branding by ordering components with custom colors, fonts, materials, backlights, or wire colorings. All of this will help make your brand immediately recognizable.

Why Should OEMs Partner With KUS?

When it comes to sourcing custom components, KUS has been one of the world’s leading manufacturers for over 25 years. This includes direct experience developing custom fuel gauges, liquid level senders, DEF sending units, DEF tanks, and mechanical sight level gauges.

At KUS, we make 95% of our products in-house with the help of our engineering team. This allows us to offer faster lead times, increased flexibility in design, and competitive pricing. This is in part due to a reduced need for subcontractors during the manufacturing process.

KUS has an established history of providing industry-leading OEMs with high-quality custom components. If you are an OEM looking to enhance product performance, consider reaching out to us. You can also learn more about KUS’ process in our customization guide.

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