As the global demand for new energy products continues to grow, KUS is expanding its product offerings to meet customer needs. One of the fastest-growing sectors in the green energy space is electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing. Our industry experience allows us to offer a range of premium components tailored for modern electric vehicles.

Thermal Management Products for Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly common in all industries served by KUS. We now offer a range of thermal management products designed to meet the needs of these industries while maintaining the same high standards you’ll find in all of our products.

For over three decades, we’ve been a top choice of OEMs looking for the highest quality components, and Daimler Truck North America (DTNA) has granted us the Master of Quality Supplier Award on multiple occasions. Now, we’re bringing that same quality to our newest line of products designed to support electric vehicle applications.

positive-temperature-coefficient-ptc-heating-unitPositive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) Water Heaters

Positive temperature coefficient (PTC) water heaters are an effective heat source in electric, hybrid, and fuel cell vehicles. Our PTC heaters can significantly enhance the performance of battery systems, electric motors, and other critical systems in colder temperatures. We offer several PTC heater options to fit a variety of applications.

Vehicle-Control-Unit-VCUVehicle Control Units (VCU)

In an electric vehicle, the vehicle control unit (VCU) is a central hub designed to coordinate various electrical systems. These assembly controllers are a vital part of any EV control system and ensure safe and efficient vehicle operation. By overseeing and regulating engine performance, transmission systems, battery operation, and other aspects of the vehicle, they ensure a harmonious synergy to provide optimal performances.

Product image ptc-air-heater-unit-positive-temperature-coefficientPTC Air Heater

The PTC air heater is an innovative component that uses specialized heating discs built from advanced ceramic materials. The PTC air heater replaces the traditional heater core found in the HVAC assembly in electric, hybrid, and fuel cell air conditioning systems. This product can provide warm air to the cabin, defrost windows, and defog windscreens to ensure maximum comfort and visibility.

Product Picture of a Liquid Cold PlateLiquid Cold Plate

Liquid cold plates assist in thermal management for electric vehicles. During operation, the cold plate helps keep the EV battery’s temperature within an optimal range by transferring heat from the battery to the cooling medium. This process enhances the battery life and performance of installed electronic devices within the vehicle. Better thermal management also lowers the risk of system leakage and energy consumption of the liquid cooling system.

battery-coolant-line-hoseEngine & Battery Coolant Lines

Engine and battery coolant lines play a significant role in the thermal management system of electric or hybrid vehicles. By facilitating coolant flow through the pipeline, these hoses provide temperature adjustments for the engine and keep the battery pack at optimal operating levels. They heat up quickly, dissipate residual heat, and provide ventilation for the cooling system.

Find the Right Product Solution for Your Application

KUS prides itself on offering a full range of products for marine, vehicle, and industrial applications. We build our products to the highest standards, and manufacture and rigorously test many of our products in-house to ensure superior quality and performance. If you have any questions about new energy products or any of our other product lines, contact us today, and a member of our team can assist you.