KUS offers best-in-class marine gauge solutions for your vessel. No matter how you choose to customize your components, we offer a multitude of solutions built to the highest standards. Here are some of the top marine instrumentation solutions for you to consider for your craft.

Marine Gauge Options Available at KUS

KUS provides marine gauge options for marine vessel distributors, vendors and consumers. These options can be combined to create ideal marine gauge sets for your specific application.

Analog Marine Gauges

KUS analog gauges offer the most straightforward design for your instrumentation. With durable construction and user friendly designs, these gauges offer a clear and accurate display of various systems on your vessel. Additionally, many of these marine instrumentation gauges can be customized in a variety of ways to meet your aesthetic or performance needs.

Digital Marine Gauges

KUS digital marine gauges are designed as plug-and-play solutions to offer exceptional performance and accuracy you can rely on. With their modern interfaces, these gauges ensure your boat can take advantage of the latest communications technology.

Multi-functional Marine Gauges

KUS Multi-functional marine gauges are built to NMEA 2000 standards to meet the needs of your application. These gauges integrate separate functions like fuel and water levels, temperatures, and various pressure levels into one convenient gauge solution. In addition to reducing clutter on your dashboard, these gauges can simplify the installation and troubleshooting process. Multi-functional gauges can also be customized in a variety of ways to meet your instrumentation needs. Check out these other reasons to consider multi-functional gauges and contact KUS for more information. 

Digital Instrument Panel

Digital instrument panels like the KMB-43 and KMB-70 offer real-time network information in a convenient package. Both units use thin film transistor (TFT) screens and are compatible with J1939 and NMEA 2000 systems. Additionally, KUS can customize these units to meet individual application requirements.

Gauge Panels

Gauge Panels offer an easy way to monitor multiple tank levels from one location. This layout saves space on your dashboard while simultaneously reducing the complexity of your gauge display. This flexibility allows you greater control to customize your instrumentation.

What to Consider When Buying Gauges

Selecting the best marine gauge instrumentation for your vessel doesn’t need to be complicated. Here are some of the main details to consider when choosing components. You can also contact us for additional assistance.

Analog Versus Digital Gauges

Analog gauges offer the most economical marine gauge solution for your vessel. Additionally, these gauges offer a completely mechanical design, making them very simple to operate and troubleshoot.

While many prefer the classic appearance of analog gauges, digital gauges are becoming more popular with boat owners. These digital gauges offer increased precision and can be calibrated more effectively.

You’ll also want to make sure all of your marine components are built to work together. Compatibility is one of the many benefits of NMEA 2000 and similar standards.

IP Ratings

When shopping for marine instrument gauges, you will need to note technical specifications to ensure products are built with the intended application in mind. One of the most important specifications to consider in regard to marine gauges is the ingress protection (IP) rating of the gauge.

IP ratings (also known as IP codes) are two-digit numbers designed to quickly indicate an electronic component’s durability in relation to solid particle and water intrusion. The first number measures zero through six and denotes protection against dust and other contaminants, while the second number measures zero through nine and measures protection against water.

Boats are subjected to moisture, dirt, and dust particles on a daily basis. As a result, a proper IP rating is required in order to avoid unwanted outcomes like electrical failure, corrosion, and downtime for repairs. Fortunately, all KUS gauge bodies and panels are protected and feature either IP67 ratings throughout or IP65 rated backs with IP67 rated fronts. For more information, see our guide to marine IP ratings.

Troubleshooting Difficulty

If you prefer to handle maintenance and repairs on your own, you will want to consider how difficult your system is to work on. Fortunately, we offer a troubleshooting guide to KUS gauges which can help you with some of the most common scenarios you may encounter.

Check Out Our Marine Gauge Options

KUS offers a full selection of marine products built to the highest standards to assist you in building the perfect boating experience. With decades of experience, we’re a recognized leader in the marine industry, and our products have been designed to perform under pressure. At the same time, we’re continually improving in a way that best meets the needs of our customers.

Whether you’re a first-time customer or longtime user of KUS products, we’re here to assist you. This includes distributors, vendors, and general consumers. Contact us for more information about our products, technical information, or to discuss custom options for your project.